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handcrafted jewelery 100% Koh Phangan

View the largest "Shiva Eye Original" collection in Thailand
at "Sabai Sabai Tourist Information" we will show you some of our jewelery

Hidden up to 20 meters deep on the floor of the ocean near coral-reefs and surrounded by brightly coloured
fish, you can find - if you look carefully - the Operculum. It is used as a protective door for the so called
"Turbanshell". After this mussle dies naturally it gets cast off to reveal the decorative stone.
Just as is hidden - it´s beauty! For only through plenty of patient and dedicated handwork the intense colours are revealed.
These colours of the "Operculum" aragonite stone vary according to the mineral content of the mussle.
The aragonite mineral stimulates your sensibility and lowers nervousness and tiredness.
Because of its high amount of calcium, the stone also has a positive effect on your muscles, your joints,
your tissue and your skin. As a jewelry  stone it reveals a unique charisma and as a
protective stone it watches over the one who wears it. The "Operculum" takes its name from Sanskrit,
in which the spiral symbolizes protection against bad spirits and gives you positive energy.

Come to visit us!
View the largest "Shiva Eye" collection in Thailand.
We use only the best quality deep water Opercula and mount them in 925 sterling silver to create our amazing jewellery.
We have necklaces in silver, stainless steel or leather, pendants, bracelets, belly chains, chokers, body jewelry,
earrings, rings, anklets and many other unique, hand crafted pieces on show. Visit us at our home, take your time,
enjoy the sea view in the peaceful bush suroundings and choose your own personal "Lucky Stone".
The Shiva Eye jewellery is unique to these islands. We dive for them here and craft them here.
The Shiva Eye Original jewelery is a true souvenir from these Islands.
Each piece of Jewelery will be packed up for you with discription.

Daniele & Shiva Eye
The German artist, musican and designer Daniele Distler also thinks of Highlife as his habitat.
 He has picked 
up the sale of the world famous Shiva Eye Jewelery,
 which he produces himself with his Thai partner Rachet in a small studio, situated near Thongsala.
The Shiva Eye jewelery is exclusively made out of shells that are found on the
bottom of the Island bay. According to the legend the Operculum protects it´s bearer against evil spirits.
The necklace is also the only real souvenir on the island Koh Phangan.



High Life Bungalow Haad Yao

Owner and Manager: Mr. Ot & Mrs. Ke

Booking and reservation of bungalows, rooms or houses
Buchung für Bungalows, Zimmer oder Häuser

Telefon: (0066) 077 340 114
   -   Telefax: (0066) 077 340 115

Adress / Adresse:
High Life Bungalow Had Yao
9/2 - M8 - Koh Phangan
Suratthani 84280 - Thailand

Wenn Sie in entspannender Atmosphäre relaxen und mit gutem Essen verwöhnt werden wollen,
dann besuchen Sie HIGH LIFE BUNGALOW.

Lage: vor Had Yao Beach.

Ruhige, abgelegene Bucht mit eigenem kleinen Palmenstrand. Die Anlage liegt am Wasser,
so daß Sie von jedem Bungalow aus uneingeschränkten Meerblick und gute Luft genießen können.
Bungalowanlage mit 40 gepflegten Bungalows

Klimaanlage, Badezimmer, Schlafzimmer, Terasse/ Balkon oder Luxussuite

Preis je nach Saison und Bungalow:
600 bis 3500 Baht (40 THB = 1 EURO)

  Sehr gutes Restaurant, guter Service, Motorradverleih, Taxiservice
am Pier Taxifahrer fragen nach  High Life Bungalow

High Life Bungalow : fantastic view down to the sea, very quiet location
Absolutly amazing beach with turquise water!
(nothing for party-seekers…), good price condition and very good


High Life Bungalow Haad Yao
Eigentümer und Manager: O.T. und Ke 

Lage: vor Had Yao Beach, wunderschöne, ruhige Bucht mit Palmen und weißem Sandstrand. Die Anlage liegt am Wasser, jedoch leicht in den Hang gebaut, so daß Sie von jedem Bungalow aus uneingeschränkten Meerblick und gute Luft genießen können.
Bungalowanlage mit 12 gepflegten Holzbungalows

Große Bungalows mit DU/WC, sauberes Quell Duschwasser,
Doppelbett mit Moskitonetz, Ventilator, Strom, Balkon mit Hängematte und unvergleichlichem Meerblick

Sehr gutes Restaurant, guter Service, Motorradverleih, Taxiservice am Pier Taxifahrer fragen nach O.T.´s - High Life Bungalow

Preis je nach Saison und Bungalow:
200 bis 450 Baht (5 bis 10 Euro pro Nacht)

Empfehlung von Daniele Distler und Shiva Eye


The Beach still exists

High-Life-heaven .....Living in paradise .....

Follow the mainrd. to Haad Yao. keep going the dirtrd to Haad Salad. Pass the road to bay view and go until some green signs coming up with the info on this T-Cross you turn left and follow the sign to lucky resort or High Life Bungalow and you will reach High Life Bungalow and the Shiva Eye Galery&Shop

Travelling through Sout-East Asia Highlife´s Joost van der Wegen was given an interesting piece of information. Supposedly on one of the Southern Thai islands a paradise-beach was to be found with a view on the palmtree´s, fishingboats and the blue-green waters of the Gulf of Thailand. The unique name of the oasis: Highlife-resort. The information turned out to be golden. Report on a trip to paradise…

It was in a guesthouse in the citycentre of Vientiane, the capitol of the People´s Democratic Republic of Laos, that we ran into the information. It originated from Dirk, a very chilled-out Belgian, who had been travelling the backpacktrail for the last six months. ´So you are a writer for Highlife-magazine´, he said. ´Well. In that case you should travel to Ko Pha Ngan. On this island I visited a resort which is actually named Highlife.


Of course we didn´t ignore this promising piece of advise. After several more weeks of travelling we went down to the Thai islands, the territory of ´The Beach´: the book written by Alex Garland, turned into a Hollywood-movie featuring Leonardo di Caprio. Nowadays the atmosphere on most of the Thai islands is as poor as the filmversion of the story was last year, we were told. The island of Ko Phi Phi, where ´The Beach´ was shot, has been taken over by mass-tourism, just as the overcommercialized places Phuket and Ko Samui. The benefit of the doubt, so we understood, was given to Ko Pha Ngan, the island north of Ko Samui. The island is still known to be an unspoiled location for backpackers - for example because electricity has not yet reached all places on the island - which would still be a guarantee to hold off Ibiza-like partyscenes.

Not amused
Arriving by boat it´s especially the green-blue water of the Gulf of Thailand that provides Ko Pha Ngan with it´s exotic character, together with it´s nearly-white beaches and the thousands of palmtrees that are spread all over the island.
On arrival we are not amused by the presence of (too) many souvenir-stores, offices of travelling-agency´s and Internetshops. It doesn´t exactly provide for the kind of atmosphere we are looking for. Quickly we climb into the fourwheeldrive that´s going to bring us to the Haad Salad-resort, located in the same bay our contact told us the Highlife-resort would be…
But we get disappointed again. The Haad Salad-resort is a cultivated form of how it must have been. Surely: the bungalow-shaped cabins are here, the beaches covered with coconuts, just like the restaurant where ambient-music is playing. The staff is very nice too, just as the view at the bay and the diving-island of Ko Tao, which can be spotted on the horizon. But still, this is not what we want. Every bungalow has a sign on it (we´re staying in the ´chill-out´-cabin) and the beachgarden is kept so accurately that it reminds us of the discipline that shapes the yards in Dutch suburban area´s.
The place is inhabited by civilized thirtysomething-couples, who are spending their yearly holidays here. There´s not much that reminds us of the former hippy-culture of the island. We are for a moment starting to doubt the information we got on the presence of a Highlife-bay, where everything should still be authentic.

But, we don´t give up that easily. The next day we go out to rent a small motorbike and do some exploring off the island. Around twelve in the afternoon, in the extreme tropical heat, we climb a couple of hills, to make a discovery - sweating under the Asian sun. Passed a crossroads, on the road to another bay, is a sign with the words… HIGHLIFE-BUNGALOWS, together with an arrow to point the way. We found it!
With our fully loaded backpack (after four months of travelling) we move out the next day - after a treacherous ride over the rocky paths - to the one and only Highlife-resort. On arrival we start to suspect something. This could well be the place we were hoping for. The bungalow-village is beautifully build against the rocks, without disturbing the natural environment too much. It looks out over one of the most gorgeous bays of the island (as we discover on later trips around the island). Approximately fifty meters above the sealevel the build-out-of-bamboo-restaurant is the centre of the small community.
Guests are lying on the lazy furniture and are enjoying their fresh fruitshakes, the Thai-food and their first, late morning-rolly. We are surprised and excited about the character of the place. The fact that the location exactly resembles our image of a coffeeshop-paradise is unique. Our magazine and the resort could blend in easily. It´s like the location is a spin-off off the mag, or the other way around of course.

Here to stay
A Thai fairytale. That´s how the inhabitants of Highlife would like to call the way the owner of the place build up his resort. O.T. is the name of the young Thai who moved to the island several years ago, in search for new opportunities. On the boat to the island he met his wive Keh, who is still on his side today. The first years of his stay on Ko Pha Ngan O.T. was an employee at several other resorts. There he first played with the idea of building a place of his own.
Three years ago he made his dream come true. He rented some land and put up several bungalows. Things went fast after that. ´Highlife´ became a phenomenon. The bay wasn´t only visited by backpackers, but also by people that stayed in the resort for months. For them Highlife was more than the location for a short holiday or the place to rest after travelling. They actually felt at home in the place. A home with sun, sea and beach within reach.